Luxury Beach Holidays in Zanzibar

Indulgence. Extravagance. Aspiration. It seems like we spend our entire lives looking for the epitome of luxury. We’ve come to describe the concept in such narrow, often meaningless terms- that sleek yacht, the new condo, the best car in the market, the latest phone. Is luxury only this? It seems like true luxury today is the simple life, the closeness to nature, the immersion in the things that make life utterly beautiful- pure unadulterated time with the earth and its bounty.

When we say luxury beach holidays in Zanzibar, you might think of five star accommodations, super luxury experiences and the good life. While you can have all that if you wanted to, the luxury beach holiday in Zanzibar can be something truly memorable. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. Stone Town-on the must-see list of every visitor to the country, Stone Town is a UNESCO site steeped in history and culture. For some great views, check into the Park Hyatt. This is a gorgeous looking hotel with many influences, from European to Persian. If you’re looking for some great local and contemporary music, check out The Seyyida Hotel and Spa.
  2. Nungwi– this is the most popular beach in the country and there are enough and more restaurants and bars to have a wonderful time. The Doubletree Resort is 67 kilometres away from the city and this is the best place for a relaxed holiday. Great food, many amenities and a chance to visit places like Tumbatu make this a good choice. There are beach bungalows where one can stay in too. Amaan and Langi Langi are some of the choices to consider.
  3. Kendwa– the sands here are fine and white, the waters are a shade of turquoise blue and the entire shoreline is gorgeous. Kendwa Rocks Hotel is the place to enjoy some snorkelling, pontoons, angling and plunging.
  4. Paje- for some kite surfing, you need to make your way to the windy island of Paje. It gets really busy here so make sure you have a booking here. For simple luxury, you should look at the Dhow Inn. It comes with its own beach- getting back to nature is simple here.
  5. Dongwe Ocean View– in the south-east of Zanzibar is one of the most iconic hotels of Zanzibar, Dongwe. If you want a Zanzibar experience, there are few places to surpass this. The beach is massive, the waters clear and warm, the accommodations are suited for families, couples and honeymooners and every single element in the hotel keeps the Zanzibar culture in mind. For an unusual dining moment, make your way to the world famous restaurant, The Rock. It’s placed in the middle of the ocean, on top of a rock. At low tide, you can walk up to the restaurant, at high tide you need a boat to get you there. Tuck into the local delicacies in a spectacular setting and think about the simple life. Palm trees, the beach, the waters- these are all what makes your visit here, therapeutic, relaxing and yes, luxurious.