Tea Houses in Zanzibar the 5 Best Coffee shop

Zanzibar is a beautiful island off the coast of Tanzania known in the world over for its white sandy beaches and azure blue waters. It offers the perfect destination for snorkeling and diving and you can even spot dolphins playing in the ocean. Zanzibar is where the locals and visitors seamlessly cross paths to enjoy a friendly atmosphere that feels like home.
But there is more to this beautiful, history-rich island. The food has an Arabic and Persian influence. Nothing, however, beats a refreshing cup of coffee or tea in the morning to get your mind right and ready to explore.
Let’s find out the 5 best Zanzibar coffee and tea houses to look out for during your trip.


If you have to travel to Zanzibar, then Lazuli is not a place to miss. Lazuli is new on Zanzibar’s café list. It features a funky and modern interior with a great offering of juices and smoothies. Proudly serving guests with premium dinner at night while offering the best view of the City.This is also a great place to have some delicious pancakes with an appetizing drizzling of passion fruit syrup. Not to mention some of the tastiest coffee and tea that you can find on the island.

Stone Town Café

Stone town Zanzibar is the main City of Zanzibar and a major visitor attraction in the Indian Ocean. Stone Town Café is one popular Café in Town Zanzibar, the perfect place to try a local light lunch.You can have some delicious breakfast and coffee in Stone Town Café. On the menu are muesli, eggs, salad, and coconut bread. The coffee here is some of the best in the whole of Zanzibar as you enjoy a sun-filled morning great for exploration. Visitors experience here is an exquisite one.

Zanzibar Coffee House

Located in Zanzibar City, the hotel features a coffee shop and a roof top terrace and a free WiFi. If you are in search of great coffee, then one of the most attractive, city view on and simple to find places is the Zanzibar Coffee House. Its name betrays its purpose and offers some very smooth tan.

The baristas at the Zanzibar Coffee House are professionally trained. As for the menu, there is the tasty muesli to look forward to as well as some delicious sandwiches, yoghurt, and milk. The ground floor of the Coffee House is a cozy space inspired by the love of good, simple food and a passion for travel.

You can also enjoy the house-made jams and fruit preserves. The coffee here is known for its strong punch which is attributed to the fact that it comes from their own farm and is a mixture of Liberia and Robusta beans.

Dhow Palace Hotel

This is another awesome place to enjoy a filling breakfast. On offer are sweet pancakes, fruit juice, cereal, eggs, and fruit. If you want a hearty meal, you can order their beef and liver fry which is actually an excellent bargain making this a great place to eat for the budget traveler. Rated one of the top 5 restaurants and Café shops in the City, it is dedicated to providing the best service to Guests.

The coffee here is great tasting and the Dhow Palace Hotel also has tea on offer.

Book Café

It’s called Book Café as it is situated in a bookshop at Kenyatta Road. Here you will find some sweet iced coffee, and you can even order an Avocado, tomato and onion bruschetta. It is a lovely place to grab a cup of coffee as you hit the road. The Café is best known for its top notched service style to guests.