Tips For Your First Trip To Zanzibar

A trip to Zanzibar is in the bucket list of many and this is due to the fact that it is a wonderful beach destination in the world. It is blessed by nature and the laidback lifestyle of the locals, the culture and the many activities that you can take part in make it a dream destination. Given below are a few tips for your first trip to Zanzibar:

  • First you should have a passport that has a validity of 6 months at least. You can get visas on arrival in Zanzibar by paying the visa fees. The immigration office might ask you for yellow fever certificate to ensure that you are vaccinated for the same. If you do not have the certificate the immigration office might not provide a visa, so get the necessary vaccination done and bring the certificate along with you.
  • The ideal time to visit Zanzibar is actually throughout the year. The weather is mostly the same throughout the year. Some rains occur in November and December but you can enjoy the island in the rain too.
  • Many festivals are held in Zanzibar and if you are traveling in February you can enjoy the Sauti za Busara music festival and if you are traveling in July you can enjoy the Zanzibar International Film Festival. Another festival that is new and held in Kizimkazi is the Kizimkazi cultural festival.
  • The major religion in Zanzibar is Muslim and the culture is conservative. You should respect the culture and tradition of every country you visit and hence you should dress appropriately in the islands. The shoulders should be covered always and the length of the skirts should be more than knee length at least. In the beach you can frolic in beach wear but topless bathing is not allowed and it is illegal in the islands.
  • There are many mosquitoes in Zanzibar and malaria is very prevalent. Before the trip take measures to combat this disease. Also keep mosquito repellents handy and use them during your trip.
  • The abundant sunshine that you get in the islands can cause sunburn very quickly. You should always carry sunscreen with you and before you want to laze in the sun you should cover your body with the sunscreen.
  • Do not walk barefoot in the sand or when the tide is low. Sea urchins are there everywhere and you can hurt your feet.
  • Do not sit under coconut trees because if the coconut falls on your head it can cause greivous injury.
  • You will find touts in and around the beaches. They will try to act as guides or try to help you, hire them at your own risk. There are good people known as Papasi’s in the local language who can really help you. So ask your hotel to get a good Papasi also known as beach boy or guide to help you around the island.
  • And last but not the least always carry your passport and papers along with you and keep them safe. Also keep a copy of all documents in your suitcase, in case your papers are stolen or lost, it will be a big help.