Top 10 Places To Visit In Stone Town

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar City and is locally known as Mij Mkongwe, which means Old Town in the Swahili language. Stone Town is steeped in history and culture and the influences of Persia, India, Arab and Europe can be seen here. If you in Stone Town you should visit the following 10 places:

  1. Forodhani Gardens is a very famous park near the Arab Fort. The Garden converts into a food market every night. You can get wonderful local food at the Forodhani Gardens every evening. Do not forget to try the Zanzibari pizza.
  2. Visit the Arab Fort locally known as Ngome Kongwe which is a fort that is believed to be in existence from the 17th The Fort is built on top of a Portuguese church and the remnants of the church can be seen inside the Fort. If you want to view the ocean, you should do it from the ramparts of the Fort for a phenomenal view.
  3. Darajani Bazaar or Darajani Market as it is known is where you can buy the best things in Stone Town. A visit to this great market where you can get anything from souvenirs to groceries is an experience that you will never forget. Do not be afraid to bargain as it is fine to bargain here.
  4. The Old Dispensary is another place that you should visit while in Stone Town. The colonials built it and it is now the cultural centre of the town. Shops and offices and a restaurant is housed here.
  5. The Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church was built in 1873 and you can visit and pray as well as marvel at the wonderful architecture. While at the Church do not forget to view the Slave Monument which is in the Church grounds.
  6. A 20 minute ride on a boat will take you to Prison Island or Changuu Island as the locals call it. Slaves used to be kept on the island in chains and now the ruins of the prison can be seen here. Now the island is a major conservation centre for tortoises and you can see a lot of them here.
  7. Hamamni Persian Baths is another place that you should visit. The public baths are not in use but you can see the rooms there.
  8. One of the oldest mosques in Stone Town is the Malindi Mosque. You can visit the mosque and check out the architecture etc.
  9. St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral is a must visit. You can visit during Mass and admire the Cathedral. The spires of the church can be seen from all of Stone Town.
  10. Palace Museum is also a must visit. You can view how the Sultans of the day used to live and you can also admire the beautiful architecture there.